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Below are three portfolio items prepared in conjunction with my application for the Communications Director position. I'd be happy to share additional materials as well. Thank you for viewing!

Integrated Campaign

Celebrate Fairfax Logo_Corporate Exclamation Point_Color.png

I developed this comprehensive campaign for the 2023 Digital Inclusion Week. The client created a local grant program with a very quick turnaround time. To create a more robust campaign created a set of integrated materials to go with the grant, including a resource guide, promotional graphics, and blog post. The grant and Guide to Digital Inclusion in Fairfax County was featured in their bi-monthly email newsletter, social media channels, website home page, and is part of the CF Connect Community Guide section of the website.

The campaign was shared with community partners and elected officials who further promoted the campaign in their own email newsletters and on social media, creating additional awareness, and driving more clicks to the website. Due to the clients short turnaround time for the grant program, they declined to do recommended press release and media outreach. The campaign resulted in high click through rates on the email and social media, and page views and downloads on the website.

Digital Inclusion promotional graphic promoting resources in Fairfax County to access digital tools, services, training programs and more.
Promotional graphic for website, email newsletter, & social media
Screenshot of the Guide to Digital Inclusion in Fairfax County posted on Celebrate Fairfax website
Website screenshot of CF Connect Guide to Digital Inclusion in Fairfax County
CF! Engage Community Grant logo for Digital Inclusion
Digital Inclusion Week Email Graphic.png


Pro Bono

As a volunteer community member of the Fairfax County Trauma Informed Community Network since 2017 and ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Trainer since 2021, I frequently offer to support the work by developing materials for the community.

The first example is a an overview of Trauma Training in the County, the existing materials were not clear or compelling, so we reconceptualized them and redesigned them. The new one pager has been used for all partners to help connect the community with these free resources.

The second set is a handout I developed to accompany the ACE Interface presentation. The presentation is based on a licensed curriculum that does not allow for the slides to be shared. The material is long and dense, so I selected key points and created a glossary so that attendees can better follow along during the presentation and keep to reinforce the information.

Flowchart of Trauma Training in Fairfax County
Chart showing the trauma trainings in Fairfax County
ACE Interface handout page one
ACE Interface Handout page 2
ACE Interface Handout page 23

Creative Development

Select graphic design projects done in collaboration with the j.a. creative Art Director. I was responsible for project management and interfacing with the client, and concept development and refinement.

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