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Longtime Client Featured on GMA

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Woman Owned Company Logo

Mom Made Foods, a client since 2010, was featured today on Good Morning America. The segment features their newest product- the Lunchwich, a frozen sandwich that you pack and thaws while you are on the go. When you are ready to eat, it is ready for you.

Even more excitingly, the packaging for the Lunchwich line was designed by j.a. creative. The focus was on simple, clean lines while conveying the kid appeal and key organic features.

"I love that Mom Made Foods only uses simple, clean ingredients. As a Mom, I'm looking for products just like these. It's fulfilling to work on products I can believe in and use for my own family," states j.a. creative's Anna Radjou.

Mom Made Foods has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them challenge "big food" and distribute their small food products to a wide customer base.

The new line currently features four flavors- peanut-butter grape, cheddar, cheddar-mozzarella and cheddar- turkey. Lunchwiches will be available August 2019, joining Mom Made Meatball Bites and Mom Made Meals in your freezer aisle. Ask for them at your favorite market or order online.


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