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A dynamic partnership gets results. At the heart of our company is a partnership almost two decades in the making. Built on the creative partnership of the two founders and principals, j.a. creative is set apart by the strength of their teamwork. 


The duo started when they worked side by side for several years at a Fortune 500 company. Here, their collaboration won several regional corporate awards for marketing and branding.

They both left the company within a year of each other and began collaborating on projects. They soon realized they had a great thing going and officially set up their own shop in 2009.  More than ten years later, their synergy is still going strong, as evidenced by their portfolio, awards, and testimonials.

​​Together, they are a dynamic team that helped NACCHO add sophistication and polish to our high profile events.


Jenna White

Marketing Director

Anna Says:

Like any great partnership, Jenna balances out my strengths and weaknesses.  While my creative juices are flowing, Jenna thinks analytically and strategically about the big picture.  She looks at  things that don't occur to me (or others) and comes up with a succinct plan to put her ideas into action.

I'm able to be at my best creatively because I know Jenna is working directly with clients and running our business with her organizational skills. She is always refining our processes make us more effective.  I can retreat into my creative world and focus completely on solving branding issues for our clients.

Jenna also has a great creative mind, making her someone I can trust to help me brainstorm and think through design challenges.  She is able to work closely with me to understand and incorporate client feedback throughout the design process, which results in an finished product I'm always proud to put my name on.

The most common thing you will hear me say during our work is, "That's a really good idea...."

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anna radjou

Creative Director

jenna Says:

Anna is unlike any other graphic designer I have worked with. Her easy going nature belies her competitive drive to give her best work every day. Her intensity as an artist is tempered by an openness and flexibility resulting in a combination rarely found in artists.

Anna's creativity seems to know no bounds.  When we come up with multiple comps for clients, the scope and range of concepts she develops for every project is uniformly impressive. 


Her ability work quickly while upholding the highest design standards is something we easily take for granted, but is integral to the value we offer our clients.  

She handles complex and difficult projects with grace under pressure and is always ready to work together on a positive solution no matter what our clients may throw at us.

The most common thing you will hear me say to Anna during our work is, "I love what you did with..."

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